Online Reservations

From your own website or social network, your customers can make reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week and from anywhere in real time.

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Customize the calendar with your corporate colors
Make the reservation process more personal by customizing the calendar and all the details with your company’s corporate colours.
Secure your reservations with a guarantee
Increase the occupation of each shift. Delete the “No Show”. Guarantee the reservations by paying an amount: per reservation, per meal….
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Indicate your preferences

Let your customers write their preferences or let them warn you of any intolerance or allergy so that you can take them into account.

Marketing for your customers

Link the customer of the reservation with the data on HIOPOS.

Identify their favorite dishes, their average ticket, when they came for the first time, the times they have attended your restaurant…

Build customer loyalty with personalized promotions and increase sales.

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Manage reservations in advance
View all reservations from your own panel on the POS. It also displays in real time the availability of the tables in your rooms for each shift of the day to be able to assign and manage all your reservations in advance.
Assign a table to a reservation

Better management of your restaurant’s shifts. Know in advance which tables are reserved and how many meals you have prepare for each table.

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Avoid “No shows”

It allows the client to directly cancel a reservation from his/her device and it offers the table for reservation again.

Add reservations to your customers’ personal calendar so they have a reminder.
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