Global solution for Bakeries

Manage your Bakery with HIOPOS solutions, scalable and adaptable for each type and size of business. The different HIOPOS products and devices, cover all the needs of your bakeries. They offer an integral solution that improve the efficiency, optimize the resources and increase the profits of your establishments. 

Sell your products by weight

Connect HIOPOS with your scales and automate the sale of your products by weight. Set up the articles which you would like to sell by weight, assign them a price per kilo/pound and HIOPOS will calculate automatically the total price.

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Select our predefined images
Avoid the cost of starting up your Bakery with our creation tool, which creates the items from our gallery. Select your type of business and find, with one click, more than 2000 items. The product images are sorted and classified by families.

Prepare your recipe of your products

Define the composition of each dish for having a control on the cost and the stock of the goods. Define the retail price of the dishes according to their production cost.

Check the food allergens of the products on the selling screen and inform the costumers at the moment of the sale.

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Online Orders

Reactivate your business and receive online orders from your customers to deliver to their home or to collect at your establishment.

With the order module, the customer can access the restaurant’s menu, check the available products, obtain detailed information, place the order, choose where they want to pick it up or to be sent and pay with their phone.

Orders delivery

Improve the order delivery by sending to the customer an electronic receipt with a QR code, this will help to identify each order at the moment of the delivery. 

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Manage your rooms and terraces
The HIOPOS tables screen allows you, in an easy and intuitive way, to visualize the active sales on your tables. Combine different rates depending on the space where the items are sold (bar, terrace…).
Create your own articles with bar-code

Automate and improve the efficiency of your business. With the HIOPOS bar-code reader, create and sell your products, in an easier and quicker way.
HIOPOS allows you to create automatically items with only read their bar-code. Among many other fields you can put description, image, reference and price.

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Keep your customers connected

When the sale will be made, the receipt will be automatically sent to the customer’s email. In this receipt customers will be able to check the sale and write a review about their customer experience in the restaurant.
In addition, they will be able to check the restaurant information, such as the location in Google Maps and the restaurant social media. Furthermore, they will have the option to connect directly to PortalRest to make reservations or order food online.

Item Stock control
Organize, plan and keep control of your Item stock with our management tool. It allows you to keep track of your purchases from your providers and control your inventory. You will have access to statistics from all your purchases, classified by families, items and much more. You will have at your disposition an audit report about your opening stock, purchases, sales, wastage, and closing stock.
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Take orders from the tables with HIORDER.

Optimize the terrace, tables and rooms service, to improve your customer service. Also, increase the table turnover rate and reduce the time of the service, with HIORDER. Send automatically the orders to the screens and/or to the kitchen printers which are installed in the different parts of the process. Collect directly from the tables, even allow to make the payment by credit card with a wireless PINpad.

Manage the kitchen orders with HIOSCREEN.

The kitchen screen system helps you to optimize the management of your Restaurant. By receiving the orders in the kitchen, taken at the table or at the bar, allows you to manage the preparation of them. It informs you, in a visual way, the status of each one of the dishes. HIOSCREEN has three different views, the kitchen, the task and the order screen.

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Integration with external delivery platforms

HioPOS connects to Lieferando, Wolt, UberEats and other providers (individual interfaces are also possible).

All orders – from one device. Employees can recognize online orders at a glance thanks to the online-orders Dashboard in HioPOS and transmission errors are a thing of the past.

Compare the sales of the different platforms via POS or Analytics. Increase efficiency and reduce the sources of error in your company with our wide range of integrations.

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Integrates card payment

Connect HIOPOS with your PinPad to allow payment by card. Accelerate your sales and avoid mistakes when you enter the amount manually.

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Receive real-time data analysis from your business with HIOPOS Analytics.
HIOPOS Analytics is a real-time dashboard system that allows you to browse through your business information from anywhere, anytime and from any device, with just one click. Through KPI’s, tables, graphs and cubes, you can compile, analyze and transform the information to help you on your business decisions. Also, it has web format and its own App for Android and iOS.
Centralize all the information of your business

HIOFFICE Lite is the web application which allows you to configure remotely and centrally one or several business. Track real-time sales and cash counts of each point of sale. Update centrally items, sizes, cost evaluation, pricing, offers and inventory control. Manage your purchases in an easy and intuitive way.

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Main Functionalities

Creation of items by weight
Assigning rates depending on schedules and shifts
Size products
Registration, Cost Control and Profit Margin per item
Scales connected
Assign bar-codes and references
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Families and personalize items with pictures
Assign allergens to items
Advanced statistics
Centralized Management of several Points of Sales
Design the sale receipt
Cash control
Manage your business cash

Control and guard your business cash with the CashDro solution, cash counts will always match. By adding CashDro at your points of sale, the cashier balancing is instantaneous and without discrepancies. The cash is always safe, losses of cash are avoided, it rejects counterfeit notes and exchange errors are eliminated. Several waiters can work with the same CashDro without having to make any cash counts.

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