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Manage your Hairdresser and Beauty salon with HIOPOS solutions, scaleable and adaptable for each type and size of business. The different HIOPOS products and devices, cover all the needs of your business. They offer an integral solution that improve the efficiency, optimize the resources and increase the profits of your establishments.

Manage your Agenda

Manage and visualize your appointments that you receive in an easy, intuitive and quicker way. You will have the option to assign services at one hour, one day and employee with the necessary time.
With HIOPOS you will be able to visualize the calendar by day or by employee. Also, you will have the chance to assign one appointment to different employees according to the service.

organiza horarios empleados
Organize your employee’s schedule

Assign different schedules and shifts to your employees. By doing this, you will be able to manage easily the future appointments by seeing their workday.
Also, HIOPOS will allow you to configure the working days and holidays of your business, the same as for the holidays and personal leaves of your employees, in order to see these days in the calendar.

Suggested sales
Increase the average bill by creating the suggested sales. HIOPOS suggests to the employees what they have to offer to the costumers after the service.
Peluqueria Venta Sugerida
agrupacion empleados segun especialidad
Group of employees according to their specialty

Decide which group of employees is appropriate for each employee, according to the employee’s specialty, in order to be able to assign the services to the appropriate person.
This makes possible to sort and visualize the agenda according the type of employee.

Create and personalize your packs

Create and personalize the packs that you offer, by doing so, avoid checking the services and the length every appointment.
HIOPOS will allow you to decide which service can be part of the pack and which days of the week will be available.

crea y personaliza tus packs
Peluquerias Centros Duracion Servicios
Determine the length of your services
With HIOPOS determine the length of each service that your business offers, as a result you will know how long the service will take and you will have option to organize easily the appointments and your employees.
Assign appointments and check your customer’s history

Assign appointments to customers, in a quicker way, to visualize on your calendar who is responsible of the service and the length of it.
With HIOPOS you will have access to your customer’s order history, you will be capable to know which items they usually buy and who was the last employee to assist the customer.
There is the option to create an appointment for one-time customers, it means that you don’t have to assign to a specific customer. This appointment will be charge directly without the need to put it on the calendar.

citas y consulta el historial
stocks panaderia 1
Stock control

Organize, plan and keep control of your stock with our management tool. It allows you to keep track of your purchases from your providers and control your inventory.
You will have access to statistics from all your purchases, classified by families, items and much more. You will have at your disposition an audit report about your opening stock, purchases, sales, wastage, and closing stock.

Make an online reservation
Allow your customers to make online reservations from their smartphone for all of your services. Immediately, you will receive a notification showing the online reservations. Send automatically the appointment confirmation to your customers by email.
reserva de cita online
Mantén tus clientes conectados
Keep your customers connected
When the sale will be made, the receipt will be automatically sent to the customer’s email. In this receipt the customers will be able to check the sale and rate their customer experience. In addition, they will be able to check the Hairdresser/Beauty salon information, such as its location in Google Maps and its social media. Furthermore, they will have the option to connect directly to Appointment to make online reservations.
TOP Customers
In one-click check which are the clients have ordered the most services and how much they have spent each of them.
Peluqueria Ventas por vendedor
Customer’s screen
With the HIOPOS Point of Sale, you can use the second screen to advertise promotions and display advertising videos of products and offers.
Appointment confirmation
Send automatically the appointment confirmation by email to the costumers who booked a service. Furthermore, they will have the option to check the information of the Business, such as the business location in Google Maps and synchronize the appointment with Google Calendar or with the Smartphone calendar. With HIOPOS you will reduce the number of missed appointments, gain customer loyalty and enhance the professional image of your business.
Confirmación de cita 1
Increase your sales with HIOPOS by setting up and selling service bonuses to your customers and loyalty them! The customer does not need to carry a card to redeem a voucher as the system has a record of the voucher and pending voucher sessions per customer.
Self-management of the agenda
Assign the services to each specialist and give them the opportunity to manage their own digital agenda in advance without being able to charge the client directly.
Hioschedule 2
Stimulate and increase your sales by assigning and paying commissions to your employees.
Centralize all the information of your business

HIOFFICE Lite is the web application which allows you to configure remotely and centrally one (HIOFFICE LITE) or several business (HIOFFICE PREMIUM). Track real-time sales and cash counts of each point of sale. Update centrally items, sizes, cost evaluation, pricing, offers and inventory control. Manage your purchases in an easy and intuitive way.

Zentralisieren Sie alle Informationen Ihres Unternehmens
credit card machine 500x500 1 400x400 1
Integrates card payment

Connect HIOPOS with your PinPad to allow payment by card. Accelerate your sales and avoid mistakes when you enter the amount manually.

Receive real-time data analysis from your business with HIOPOS Analytics
HIOPOS Analytics is a real-time dashboard system that allows you to browse through your business information from anywhere, anytime and from any device, with just one click. Through KPI’s, tables, graphs and cubes, you can compile, analyze and transform the information to help you on your business decisions. Also, it has web format and its own App for Android and iOS.
Erhalten Sie mit HIOPOS Analytics Management-Informationen in Echtzeit

Main Functionalities

Work even during Internet disconnections
Appointment of services and its length
Agenda management
Appointment confirmation
Access to your customer’s history
Assign service by employee or specialty
Creation and management of Packs
Display the appointment status by colors
Configure the business and employee shifts
Centralized management of several Points of Sales
Centralized Management of several Points of Sales
Safe storage and always available in the Cloud
Manage your business cash

Control and guard your business cash with the CashDro solution, cash counts will always match. By adding CashDro at your points of sale, the cashier balancing is instantaneous and without discrepancies. The cash is always safe, losses of cash are avoided, it rejects counterfeit notes and exchange errors are eliminated. Several waiters can work with the same CashDro without having to make any cash counts.

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