Reactivate your business and receive online orders from your customers to deliver to their home or to collect at your establishment.

Application available for restaurants, pizzerias, fast foods, coffee shops, greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers, supermarkets, patisseries, bakeries, shops, etc.

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Immediate set up

Enable PortalRest, choose the products and the price you want to sell online, post it on your social networks and start receiving orders !! 

Customize the displays with your corporate colors

Make the online order process more personal by customizing the application’s elements with your company’s corporate colours.

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Order guarantee

Your customers pay when ordering and you receive the payment instantly.

No commissions

Forget about transaction commissions charged by other platforms to receive online orders.

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Sale by format

Offer the best experience to your customers by allowing them to choose and customize how they want the products they are going to buy as if they were physically in your establishment.

Allergen consultation

See allergenic and nutritional information that a food product may contain.

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Keep your clients connected

When a sale is made, an electronic ticket will be automatically sent to your customer’s email.
On this ticket your customers will be able to see the purchase, comment on their experience, check the establishment’s information, access to your social networks, redo their online order and track a home delivery order.

Track your order

Inform the customer at all times of the status of their order so that they can track it from their smartphone. In addition, they will have the possibility of sharing their opinion of the service and of each of the ordered products.

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Choose the service type

Let your customers to choose how they want to receive the orders:

Delivery or Take away

Main Functionalities

Your restaurant from any device
Multiply on the Internet
Real time orders
Order guarantee
Take Away/Delivery
No comissions
Statistics from anywhere and any device

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