It is a solution composed by touch hardware and software for the management and visualization of the pending dishes to prepare and to serve. Visualize the orders in different ways with the different screens. With the task screen you can manage the orders to serve for each table and organize the elaboration of the dishes with a situation screen (cold dished, hot…). 

What virtues will your restaurant have with HIOSCREEN?

Avoid customer’s waiting time
Multiply on the Internet
Real time orders
Avoid elaboration mistakes
Orders management

The kitchen screen system helps you to optimize your restaurant’s management, receiving the orders taken from the tables or from the bar, from a T-Quiosk or directly from any place from PortalRest, and it allows you to manage the orders preparation and inform, in a visual way, the status of each dish.

Vertical Fast food 1

Width: 52,74 cm | 20,7″

Height: 34,64 cm | 13,6″

Pass screen
Receive orders in order of arrival and distinguish by colors the status of the dishes you have to serve.
Kitchen Screen
Configure the screen where the dishes to be prepared are displayed in Horizontal or Vertical. The cook can mark the dishes that are in preparation and those that have already been prepared.
Hioscreen vertical

Width: 34,64 cm | 13,6″

Height: 52,74 cm | 20,7″

Work in parallel identifying the dishes to be prepared by either the table number (in the restaurant) or the order number (Take Away).


Notify when the order is ready, avoiding queues at the point of the delivery.

Avoid customer’s waiting time
Greater table turnover
Improve customer service
Avoid the queues at the point of the delivery

Width: 34,64 cm | 13,6″

Height: 52,74 cm | 20,7″

Main Functionalities

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